Natuur 2000, the Flemish Youth League for the Study of Nature and Environmental Conservation, was founded in 1967.Set up by and for youth, its aim is to encourage young people to take part in nature study, make them more environmentally aware, and ultimately to contribute to nature and environmental conservation. If you have any questions, please contact the Natuur 2000 secretariat in Antwerp. Friendly, English-speaking staff will be glad to answer your questions...Tel.: 0475/29.04.87


Natuur 2000 is an organization designed for young people between the ages of 8 and 25. The members organize a whole variety of activities involving nature and the environment. These activities include: excursions, nature study, actions concerning environmental conservation, slideshows and film evenings. Natuur 2000 also organizes study and workcamps during the short and long vacations. Through these nature camps, we encourage young people (from Belgium and abroad) to participate actively in nature study or to give a helping hand in the conservation of a nature reserve.The workyear is concluded with a congress in late December.

For more information on our activities and camps, go to Fort van Oelegem



With subdivisions and centers spread throughout Flanders, Natuur 2000 is suitably placed when it comes to intervening in regional as well as external environmental problems; some of the actions taken are as follows; measuring the level of acid rain, anti-oil-pollution actions at the coast, actions concerning disposable packaging, preventing the export of pesticides to the Third World, our work-group Tropical Rainforests,…



Natuur 2000 was originally intended for young people between the ages of 12 and 25, but it soon became obvious that children between the ages of 8 and 12 were also becoming more and more concerned with nature and the environment. This is why the organization created a special children’s work-group in 1985. During the monthly activities nature and environmental aspects are presented to these kids in a fun and kid-friendly manner. A children’s magazine named “‘t Uiltje” (The Owlet), published four times per year also has been created for them.

symbolizes the aims and ideals of Natuur 2000



In order to strengthen the link between the members, Natuur 2000 publishes a bi-monthly magazine called “Beenbreek” named after an endangered heather plant. It is full of interesting articles dealing with nature and environment, as well as birdsightings, book reviews, travel accounts and all sorts of short news items. Beenbreek in short symbolizes the aims and ideals of Natuur 2000.



Since 1984 Natuur 2000 has managed its own nature reserve- the Fort of Oelegem; located just outside of Antwerp. During the winter it serves as a hibernating ground for a great number of bats. Surrounding it lies a large nature reserve where interesting bird species have found sanctuary. In order to make the public more aware of the importance of preserving this natural site, an informative pathway was opened. A nature information center is also scheduled to appear in the region.



In addition to all these activities, Natuur 2000 also possesses a great deal of information (much of it in English!) available to non-members. Tens of thousands of newspaper clippings are classified according to subject and can be copied for personal use, (e.g. schoolwork). Furthermore there exists close to 250 nature and environment magazines which can also be consulted. Finally the nature information center has a whole series of educational posters which can be used in exhibitions or to illustrate lessons concerning nature and the environment.



Since January 1, 1986 Natuur 2000 has maintained a library for all interested young people. Thousands of books (again, many written in English), concerning all sorts of nature and environment topics, slides and videos can be borrowed and are handy for use at school, in writing speeches and essays etc… The membership fee for non-members is 50 BF.Borrowing a book is free, a slide costs 3 BF (& 25 BF guarantee)The library is open every day of the week from 10:00 to 18:00 (after hours, by appointment only). Saturday’s only by appointment.



If you want to become a member of Natuur 2000, you can make a deposit of 12.50 on the following account number: 409-9511091-91. This membership fee also includes the subscription to Beenbreek and the Activity Calender- so that everyone is aware of the coming events.